Tree Maintenance, Tree Pruning and Tree Removal

A Sharper Image, Inc. is Your Solution for Tree Pruning

It’s important to prune your trees and shrubs at the right time and in the right way. Our crews keep your property looking its best through all four North Carolina seasons.

Trees and shrubs add beauty to your home and they also provide shade and environmental benefits. Take care of your trees and shrubs with proper care and maintenance from A Sharper Image, Inc.

Why pruning trees and shrubs is important

  • Properly pruned trees live longer
  • Trees and shrubs look better when maintained
  • Less likelihood of disease
  • Pruned trees are more likely to be sound and withstand storms
  • Trees and shrubs grow better if their sunlight is unblocked
  • Maintained shrubs make more beautiful landscape designs

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Lawn mowing & maintenance

A Sharper Image Residential Landscaping in Guilford County

We offer weekly to bi-weekly lawn mowing during the mowing season and  year-round contracts that split your monthly payment over an entire year.

Pine straw, mulch & leaf removal

A Sharper Image Inc. Landscape Maintenance

We deliver and install pine needs throughout the year. Long-lasting pine bark much, double-shredded mulch and dyed mulch are our specialties.

Aeration, grass re-seeding and fertilization

A Sharper Image Inc. Landscape Maintenance

We renovate your lawn with reseeding to renovate your lawn. You choose conventional and organic/natural fertilizer to help out your existing or new lawn.